Why choose us?

FLY&I is a leading service on the Polish market dealing with compensation recovery from airlines for delayed, cancelled flights and denied boarding. We are the only European company co-funded by the European Union to increase air travellers' awareness of their statutory rights and to assist them with recovery of the compensation.

We act swiftly and efficiently which is reflected by an increasing number of successfully recovered compensation. When claims are justified we take pride in 100% effectiveness.

The procedure FLY&I implemented is unique and consists of a database of successfully recovered claims together with a database of delayed and cancelled flights. Using us means that you can rely not only on our legal expertise but also on the knowledge of problematic flights for which the airlines already accepted liability. It means that your claim will be dealt with promptly by us allowing you to devote your precious time to important things and a peace of mind that your case will be prioritised.

Thanks to our stable position on the European market we obtained the airlines’ respect. With us, you will be informed of each stage your claim.

Respect your time and let us recover your claims.

Our goal is to provide each Client with the best service and effective help in order to obtain the compensation.

Our team consists of lawyers experienced in aviation law who willingly offer their expertise to Clients.


We represent the passengers in their battles for compensation on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means that you do not pay a penny for representation. We handle your claim free of charge. When the compensation is paid, we deduct our fee of 27% of the sum recovered and administration fee of 25 Euro. We charge vat on our fee at the rate of 23%.

You do not risk anything. If we do not recover your compensation, you don't pay anything.

Why are we superior to other companies and individual representation?

In circumstances when despite your efforts the airline still refuses to pay the compensation, you have an option to issue proceedings. This will require a detailed knowledge of the EC regulations, local case law and decisions of the European Court of Justice. If you decide to hire a law firm, you are taking the full risk of paying for their services without a guarantee of success.

However, should you decide to instruct us, you do not take any risk; we run your case from beginning to the end. We have 98% success rate! Even in situations when the airline refused to pay the compensation we succeed in recovering it!

With FLY&I you can achieve more!

Flight compensations

With FLY&I the process of recovering compensation for flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding cannot be easier. All you need to do is to complete the online form, which takes approximately 5 minutes.

If you contacted the airline directly and the airline refused to pay the compensation citing extraordinary circumstances, you still can instruct us to take over the claim. We are aware that the airlines reject the majority of the claims made by the passengers. Once corresponding with us, the airlines are aware that we will scrutinize the alleged extraordinary circumstances at court therefore they are less likely to fabricate random excuses. We strongly advise that you let us verify the justification of the refusal by the airline even if they sent you a couple of letters denying the payment of compensation.

We do our best to simplify the claim procedure as much as possible. Once you file your online application with us, we take care of the rest!

Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Regional Operational Programme and from the state budget funds under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.