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What compensation am I entitled to?

The amount of the compensation depends on the travelling distance and length of the delay. Compensation is not related to the price you paid for your ticket. The Regulation states that passengers are to be compensated for the lost time and any travel inconvenience as opposed to being reimbursed for the ticket. It means that whether you pay £30 or £1500 for a ticket, your entitlement to compensation remains the same.

For a flight which was cancelled you may receive from 250 EUR up to 600 EUR. You are entitled to file a claim with us also on behalf of other passengers flying with you on the condition you are authorised by them to do so and they will cooperate with us.

Legal basis

The legal basis for claiming the compensation on your behalf is the EC Regulation no. 261/2004. The aim of the Regulation is to protect the passengers and assist them in the recovery for lost time and inconvenience.

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Here you can see why our service is superior to other companies and situations in which passengers represents themselves.

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Fly & IYou
Case analysis to establish if compensation is due YesYes
Negotiations with the airline YesYes
Verifying the reason for flight cancellation Yes No
Legal expertise Yes No
Database of successful claims Yes No
 Pre-action correspondence Yes No
Preparing the case for court proceedings Yes No
Legal representation in court Yes No
Processing the case in court without the need for your attendance   Yes   No
Payment of court fees (a few hundred pounds)   Yes No  
Payment of experts' fees (in excess of £1,000) Yes No
Financial risk Yes No
Cost 27% + €25 + VAT free

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